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A woman peacefully seated by a serene lake, engrossed in tranquil observation without attachment, evoking a sense of mindfulness and detachment.


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Tranquil Comfort for Your Meditation Journey!

Elevate daily meditation with Dhyaan Cushions - 100% cotton, premium comfort, profound joy.

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Shop by Categories

Meditation cushion categories - Explore our diverse range of cushions for a comfortable meditation experience.


Filled with 100% Pure cotton for comfortable meditation practice.

Cover for Meditation Cushion Categories - Discover our wide selection of cushion covers for a personalized meditation experience.

Design to Inspiration

Design the cover to bring joy to those who meditate when they see the cushion.

Bag for Carrying Goods and Meditation Cushion Categories - Explore our collection of versatile bags and cushion categories for your meditation needs.

Easy to Carry

Our bags, with quality fabric and thoughtful design, make transporting your meditation cushion easy

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Man hand-picking the finest cotton for Meditation Cushion during sunrise.

Towards Right Livelihood (sammā-ājīva)

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Hand holding pure cotton, symbolizing all products made with 100% cotton.

Nurture Your Practice: Crafted from 100% Pure Cotton for Natural Bliss.🌼

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Crafted with Care:

Made with 

Eco-Friendly Materials.🌿