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Beautifully and rightly made for Vipassana meditation daily practice at your home.

The cushion is made from 100% pure cotton with Eco-Friendly material🌱♻️
Helps with peaceful meditation.

OBJECTIVE for making this cushion - Bring the experience of a Vipassana meditation centre into your home 🏡 To help in consistency in daily meditation practice.

Recommended - saving combo

Cotton helps with comfortable sitting for meditation due to its natural properties. Hence meditators prefer cotton for their meditation cushion.

Handcrafted product: By Indian Artist ( focusing on women empowerment )👸👩‍✈️

From the Meditators, To the Meditators
For the Right livelihood (sammā-ājīva)

May you grow in Dhamma

Awareness Meditation Cushion Set with Cover - DhyaanAasan™

₹2,500.00 Regular Price
₹1,899.00Sale Price
    1. Content- 1 Awareness Cushion and Cover + 1 Awareness Half Cushion and Cover
    2. Color-  Sky Blue Cushion Cover and Royal Blue Cushion
    3. Filling- 100% Pure cotton
    4. Fabric- Special Casement fabric - 100% cotton
    5. Size- Cushion 61 cm × 61 cm and a Half cushion 51 cm × 33 cm
    6. Cushion Weight: 3000gm ( Cushion- 2100gm and Half Cushion- 900 gm )
    7. Cover Weight: 300 gm
    8. Made with loving-kindness 🧶
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