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Elevate your meditation practice with the DhyaanAasan™ Wisdom Meditation Set, thoughtfully designed to transform your daily meditation routine into an immersive experience of tranquility and focus.

🌿 Premium Quality for Lasting Comfort
Crafted with the finest premium fabric and high-quality cotton, our meditation set combines lightweight design and durability, making it your ideal companion for consistent daily practice. The perfect size ensures optimal support for your meditation posture.

🌱 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
We care for your well-being and the planet. Our meditation set is made from 100% premium cotton, carefully selected for its comfort and eco-friendliness. Each session becomes a mindful journey with materials that echo your commitment to sustainability.

🏡 Bring the Meditation Center Home
Experience the serenity of a Vipassana meditation center within the comfort of your home. The DhyaanAasan™ Wisdom Meditation Set is designed to enhance your practice with supreme quality, fostering a consistent and enriching meditation journey.

Handcrafted with Purpose
Each set is a testament to dedication. Handcrafted by an Indian artist focused on women's empowerment, it reflects the values of mindfulness and unity. From meditator to meditator, this set embodies the spirit of sammā-ājīva, or right livelihood.

📚 Empowering Future Generations
With each DhyaanAasan™ Wisdom item you acquire, you contribute to meditation awareness in children. A portion of your purchase goes towards nurturing mindfulness in the younger generation, empowering them to embrace life with presence and purpose.

🙏 Join the Journey
By choosing DhyaanAasan™ Wisdom Meditation Set, you become a part of a movement. Empower tomorrow's leaders with mindfulness, and nurture your own spiritual growth in the process.

Wisdom Meditation Cushion Set with Cover

₹2,900.00 Regular Price
₹1,999.00Sale Price
Only 8 left in stock
    1. Content- 1 Wisdom Cushion and Cover + 1 Wisdom Half Cushion and Cover
    2. Color- Fresh Green ( Premium Colour )
    3. Filling- 100% pure cotton ( Premium Cotton)
    4. Fabric: 100% High-Quality Cotton
    5. Size- Cushion: 66 cm × 66 cm and Half Cushion: 55 cm × 36 cm
    6. Weight: 3340gm ( Cushion - 2390 gm and Half Cushion - 950 gm)
    7. Lightweight- made accordingly with home seating.
    8. Crafted with Loving Kindness

      Let the DhyaanAasan™ Wisdom Meditation Set be your companion in mindfulness, offering unwavering support and comfort throughout your meditation journey.
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