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Introducing the DhyaanAasan™ Nirvana Meditation Cushion - your perfect companion for a serene and comfortable meditation experience. Crafted with mindfulness and eco-consciousness in mind, this handcrafted meditation cushion set is a testament to tranquility and empowerment.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Bliss: Made from 100% pure cotton, our Nirvana Meditation Cushion Set is not just a seat; it's a commitment to the environment. The eco-friendly material ensures you connect with nature as you delve into your meditation practice. ♻️

🧘 Peaceful Meditation, Anywhere: Designed to enhance your meditation practice, the DhyaanAasan™ Nirvana Meditation Cushion Set offers unparalleled comfort. The pure cotton material provides a naturally soothing surface for your meditation sessions, making it easier to achieve a peaceful state of mind.

🌈 Inspired by Monks, Crafted with Love: Our cushion set draws inspiration from the serene saffron robes of monks. The calming color palette and the thoughtful design reflect the essence of meditation. Each cushion is handcrafted with precision and care by Indian artists, with a special focus on women empowerment. 👸👩‍✈️

Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just beginning your journey, the DhyaanAasan™ Nirvana Meditation Cushion Set invites you to explore deeper realms of peace and mindfulness. Elevate your meditation practice with a touch of artistry and environmental consciousness. Embrace tranquility, empower yourself, and make every meditation session a journey within.

From Meditators to Meditators, crafted for the pursuit of Right Livelihood (sammā-ājīva).

Nirvana Meditation Cushion Set by DhyaanAasan™ | Morality Series

₹1,500.00 Regular Price
₹999.00Sale Price
Color: Saffron
    1. Content- 1 Nirvana Cushion + 1 Nirvana Half Cushion
    2. Color- Saffron
    3. Filling- 100% Pure Cotton
    4. Fabric- 100% Cotton
    5. Size- Cushion 60.50 cm × 60.50 cm and Half cushion 34.29 cm × 53.34 cm
    6. Weight: 2900gm ( Cushion - 2000 gm and Half Cushion - 900 gm)
    7. Made accordingly with home seating.
    8. Made with loving kindness
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